Sin miedo a mí misma

I applied Sanación de Bloqueos porque necesitaba saber qué ocurría en mí que yo no sabía reconducir. Sentía que pasaba algo como cuando notas que tienes fiebre pero no vas a hacerte una analítica. Mi analítica fue la lectura de registros.

During the reading I felt nervous, as if something was moving inside me ... I was unfocused at work and felt those nerves that seem to warn you about a change, but a good change.

I did not know when the healing was finished, but suddenly I stopped taking part of my medication because I felt that I no longer needed it, and slept like I had not slept in years... Since the healing, I took much less medication and have also noticed that my sixth sense has developed, especially in dreams; I used to have premonitory dreams but in isolated cases... I have them now much more often.

The report looked to me really complete, in a clear, simple and concise language. There is no place in it for ambiguity and that's what I liked the most. It is very professional. It detailed things that I had experienced and that almost no one knew about, things in my past that I had not spoken of, but they were in my records... For me it was like a medical history of my soul in which I have to say nothing.

I think the most important thing is that this reading has taken away the fear of myself I used to have. For many years I was afraid, specially of my dreams, so I tried to close that door. Now I know I should let that energy flow, my dreams are to warn, not for anything negative; now I let them flow and tell people about them... I lost the fear of dreaming, so I get to rest much deeper and more restful.

I totally recommend this reading, personally it helped me get rid of some inner fears that were deeply rooted and also some prejudices. Now I feel different, not as a person full of fear but as one that has overcome fear and can now help others.