Quitarse un peso de encima

Cuando pedí la Lectura Personal de Bloqueos me sentía estancado en algunos aspectos, me pareció una buena idea probarlo y además sentía curiosidad. Justo cuando empezó la lectura (sin yo saberlo) tuve los síntomas de un resfriado, estornudos y sensación de cansancio con la cabeza embotada, luego supe que eran síntomas de la limpieza y cuando ésta terminó se fueron también las molestias. Me pareció curioso.

The report surprised me as it was more thorough than I expected. At first some concepts sounded like Chinese to me, but everything was very well explained and you get to understand everything very well, is very clear and the blockages are fully explained one by one, it is well structured and I find very useful some recommendations about healing, exercises to maintain energy health, advice on the stone to better use ... I really liked it.

I found it very striking that one could extract certain information from the Akashic Records, such as specific details from a past life, but also things that match my current life. After the healing I felt myself calmer and since then I have rested better, sleeping much more than before. I also notice more calm in my life, as if I got rid of dead load, honestly... I was pretty overwhelmed by then and things have improved.

I definitely recommend this reading, it is an enlightening and surprising experience that, of course, I would like to repeat.