Abierta a la vida y al amor

I applied Personal reading Lockups because of a general feeling of paralysis, anxiety and fear. I experienced while reading different physical reactions, such as headaches, tremors, very strong chest tightness, sadness and depression, which happened when he finished cleaning.

As Eva and I communicated daily I was understanding what was happening to me while asking the questions I needed. When I received the report, I saw that most of it concurred with situations I experienced in the past, especially in relation to my fears and their connection with my past lives. I found the report very clear and it provided me with new knowledge, even thouhg I already knew the subject because I had read Eva´s last book on energy system.

After the reading two things happened to me, both physically and spiritually. The first has to do with overcoming my fear of water and the second with a change in my self-image. After the healing I feel released, full of energy and happy, open to life and love.

For my part, I would repeat the experience and recommend it because I have lived before and after and it is worth it. I try to follow Eva´s advice about energy to maintain my health, I know now that there are ways to feel better if you let yourself be helpped.