Despedirse del dolor

Cuando pedí la Lectura Personal de Bloqueos estaba en una época de mi vida de muchos cambios. Me sentía muy inestable emocional y energéticamente. Tenía delante un cambio de vida muy radical pero necesario.
As the healing was taking place, I felt more connected to my own energy. I particularly noticed when I was practicing yoga. I could feel the energy flowing more freely. At the same time I felt more connected to the earth, to my own feelings and those of others. I felt I had to fully embrace the decisions taken and not to be afraid because I knew it was the right direction even when it would cause me pain.
Besides giving me more energy to face my challenges, the reading has confirmed to me some things that I unconsciously knew but had not accepted or recognized until now. Some details have concurred almost incredibly with things that had happened to me many years ago, with physical problems I had and feelings that had accompanied me for a while.
The healing has helped me to get rid of a lot of negative energy I had accumulated and was stuck in my body, I have managed to cry as I never could before, about very painful situations that had happened to me. The result has been a sense of farewell, to the pain, to the past, to things for which there was no place in my life anymore, that I no longer needed as they were just a weight that was dragging me.
After the healing I felt generally more connected to my energy and to others', as if I were more in the world and in the present.
I recommend this reading to anyone who feels they have lost the sense of direction of their own lives. Anyone who has to face challenges and make important decisions but has fear and uncertainty.