Another point of view

... His words made me see life from another point of view, taking care much my environment, my being, my family and my business partners. I have practiced their advice and I have really seen everything has changed me positively. ... Read more "Another point of view"

Germán Villarreta

A 180 degrees

... It was worth it because my emotional and mental state has taken a 180 degree turn for the better, I have an inner peace he craved forward to for a long time. ... Read more "A 180 degree"


Open to life and love

After the reading two things happened to me, they were related to overcoming my fear of water and a self-image change. After the healing I feel released, full of energy and happy, open to life and love ... Read more "Open to life and love"


Away from what hurts me

... When the reading was finished I felt liberated, freer and less toxic load. Some situations were absorbing energy and recognize me I could get away from them. ... Read more "Get away from what hurts me"

Carmen Domenech

Determined to follow my path

... it was as if I had sent a message to myself, coincided 100% with my character, situation and experiences. This information has opened my eyes and now I feel even more determined to follow the path of what I know is my vital mission. ... Read more "Determined to follow my path"

Vanya Stoyanova

Getting rid of dead load

After the healing I have noticed lighter and have better been resting, sleeping much more than before. I also notice more calm in my life, as if I had taken a load off me. ... Read more "Remove a load off"

Nacho Flores

Saying the pain goodbye

It has helped me to get rid of a lot of negative energy that had accumulated and had stuck in my body, I managed to mourn as had been done before ... the result has been a sense of farewell to pain, past, things for which there was no place in my life, it was just a weight was dragging. ... Read more "Parting pain"

Iannone Concetta

Physical and emotional relax

After the healing I've noticed feel more energy and a feeling of being more relaxed, not so much physically and emotionally. ... Read more "Physical and emotional relaxation"

Pedro Avila

Not afraid of myself

Since the healing I take much less medication and have also noticed that my sixth sense is more developed, but more importantly, this reading has taken away the fear of myself, I have taken away my inner fears that had deep-rooted and prejudices... Read more "Without fear of myself"

Eva Maria Rosell

On the right track

Life's mission coincided exactly with the activity that I had just begun; it gave me great certainty and clarity, and I felt it confirmed that I was on the right track! ... Read more "On the right track"

Marc Hermans

More calm and trustful

A very strong blockage from her first months of life with the previous owners had been generating a lot of fear for years, but after the healing she seems to be much more calm and trustful! ... Read more "More calm and trustful"

The owner of Kundry

From hostile territory to private palace

After the healing it feels different, it's like the air weighed less, my sleep is more restful and I've passed from being in "hostile territory" to feel "in my private palace" ... Read more "From hostile territory to private palace"

Eva Maria Rosell