spiritual profile

This reading is focused on investigating aspects of Being beyond the current incarnation of the person requesting the reading. We investigate the origin of the soul and how it has evolved since then (the incarnation method most used) to get to know the age of the soul at the present time. We also offer information such as the specialty of the soul or its main activities during the period between lives, when it is not embodied in a physical body. This information can help us understand why we are like we are and clarify some aspects of our personality that we did not get to understand, not knowing where they came from.

In this reading we also focus on the transcendental aspects of the present incarnation. Thus, we channel information about the live mission, which is what the soul came to make in this particular life and the goals it set for itself before incarnating, also the main live lessons that the person had to learn during the course of life in the physical world. We also investigate how far the person has come in the development of these aspects.

Finally we get information on different guides that are helping the person in this incarnation and we channel the messages they wish to convey at this time and that may be important for the spiritual evolution of the individual.

Price of the reading for the Spiritual Profile:€ 90

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