Revisión de vidas pasadas

This reading is focused on investigating those past lives that, for some reason, affect your present life, either because throught them you have generated karma to compensate, or because a form of negative thought was created there and you have brought it to the present life, or because a certain experience marked you as much as to embody a protective shell somewhere in your energy system, or because the effect of an ancient curse, a spell or an illusion is still affecting you on a soul level.

There are issues that are not possible to resolve in the few years that one life lasts, when this happens we drag that unlearned lesson or the energy of an unresolved issue to the following lives until we got it fixed. But sometimes even something already resolved leaves a remnant in our subtle bodies that can simply be cleaned to make it stop affecting us as long as our Higher Self allows it to be removed.

During the reading I investigate the details of the past lives you need to know at this time and that are affecting your present life one way or another, in order to help you understand the origin of certain blockages which are currently preventing your growth and the achievement of harmony in certain areas of your life.

Price of the reading for the Review of Past Lives:60 € / 3 lives - 90 € / 5 lives

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