Restauración de facetas del alma

The soul, at the energy level, is composed of multiple facets or fragments, there are specifically 617 almic pieces of energy and consciousness, together united by the common bond of the base vibration that represents us. It is like an energy signature that we all have.

On certain occasions it is possible that some of these facets disengages from the rest, they may even be lost. These parts can be small fragments as well as large energy portions substantial enough to reach a certain level of self-awareness. A substantial part of our energy that has been separated from us can be from 0.01% to 10% of our energy field, the latter being a significant loss.

This reading is focused on finding out if you have lost some facet of your soul, determining its location, the kind of energy contained in that piece and whether it can be recovered, in which case it will be recovered and reintegrated into your soul so it is restored and complete again. The alien fragments that you may have in your soul are also identified, disengaged and returned to the original owner.

Price of the reading Facets of the soul restoration: 30 € (diagnosis 0 €)

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