Sanación de mascotas

Like humans, animals have an energy system formed by the chakras, the channel system and the etheric body. While governing the same physical areas, animals' chakras, however, have been developed or have evolved in a slightly different way from humans. Because of its dependence on survival instinct, they are constantly absorbing sensory information, in a more intense way than human beings.

Both positive and negative external impulses have an effect on their chakras and leave their mark on the aura (including physical injury). An animal that has suffered physical, mental or emotional trauma, however, is not always able to repair the resulting energy imbalance and this is where we find signs of disease. Each chakra corresponds to an aspect, such as thoughts, emotions, senses, instincts, and so on.

This reading is focused on locating energy problems and examining any imbalances that may be affecting different parts of the animal system; these energy problems, if untreated, can be somatized and affect your pet physically, but they can also be directly affecting their daily lives in many different ways that we often do not notice. It is therefore necessary to restore balance to the energy centers and heal blockages throught the whole system.

Price of the reading for the Healing of the animal energy system:€ 30

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