personal healing of blockages

This reading is focused on investigating blockages or energy problems and to examine the issues that may be blocking our way, as well as heal them to facilitate our progress and evolution.

We perform a review of the components that build your energy system, that are mainly chakras, the channel system and the seven layers of aura. Normally the energy system due to different causes, is full of low vibration substances at different levels; this difficults more and more the free flow of energy and the proper functioning of the energy centers. These blockages can somatizarse and lead to physical problems, since any physical ailment starts at the energy level.

Through this reading you will know what blockages are in your energy system, what are the causes of these problems and understand where they come from; this is important because being aware of the problem and understand it is part of the healing. Finally, the blockages that your Higher Self allow to remove are dissipated from your energy system through the healing.

You can choose from three kinds of reading for removing blockages:


  • Diagnosis of the three major blocks are performed.
  • One of those 3 blocks are healed (you choose).
  • * If within 3 months you requested a basic or complete reading, the price of simple reading will be deducted from the total of the second reading.


  • A complete diagnosis of blocks is done.
  • The three major blocks are healed.
  • * If within 3 months you request a complete or basic reading, the price will be deducted from the total of the second reading.

Complete red.

  • A complete diagnosis of blocks is done.
  • All necessary blocks are healed.
  • * If less than 3 months ago you requested a simple or basic reading, that price will be discounted from the complete reading.