Meridians (I). How to know

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Many have heard of the meridians as lines of energy that run through our body, but what exactly are ?, what is your reason for being ?, What level are our energy field? and how their status affects us ?, are questions whose answer many people probably unknown. In this series of articles I will try to answer these questions and, most importantly, I'll tell you how to know when a meridian is in good condition and what you can do yourself to improve, making everything work better on different levels.

What are they

Meridians are, as stated at the beginning, power lines or more specifically roads and paths that follow energy throughout our body. Form the channel system and are at the level of the first layer of the aura, the etheric body, So their status easily and quickly impact on the physical level.

Although in reality it is a single meridian extensive, to work with what we consider divided into twelve parts or twelve main meridians, which named below and we'll talk later one by one. At the end of the article I add a picture with all meridians so that you see them together.

Spleen Merdiano

Meridiano Heart

Intestine Meridian

Meridian vegija

Kidney meridian

Pericardium meridian

Triple Heater Meridian

Gallbladder Meridian

Liver Meridian

Lung Meridian

Intestine Meridian

Stomach Meridian

When working with meridians normally considered also called Central Meridian and Governor Merdidiano that are not really meridians but radiant circuits (also called Conception Vessel and Governor Vessel). Since in a later article I will speak of the radiant circuits, I will not go into detail about them in this article but mention them promptly.

Birth of the meridians

One aspect that may be curious about these power lines is that not always were there, were created and consolidated from a previous state that is the so-called Radiantes circuits, according to classical Chinese medicine also known since ancient times as flows Extraños or Extraordinary vessels.

I will not dwell now on these energy flows, but suffice it to say that, for thousands of years when the meridians not yet exist, the energies in our etheric body moving spontaneously wherever they were required, and traveled freely through our body healing, energizing, soothing or injecting force as needed.

Throughout our energy evolution, these energy paths were repeated again and again to go establishing itself as roads, leading to the meridians we already know; It's like a meadow and through not so often did the same place we finished drawing a path into the landscape.

Knowing the meridians

Not overdo into detail about each of the meridians (because the article would be endless as much as there is to say about them), I will try to give a general idea of ​​each channel and tell what kind of work done each and which parts our body affects your good or malfunction.

The Spleen is the energy line extending from the toe (base of the nail) to the side of the chest, and governs the spleen and pancreas, so it is closely related with metabolism; If this meridian does not flow properly, we can not metabolize well, not only food but also the emotions, thoughts, new energy, etc. while it affects the assimilation of information and cognitive processes. It is also related to the immune system and affects the digestive system and the female reproductive system.

Although this channel is key to our metabolism, is much more than an energy metabolizer ... Donna Eden compares with a mother who cares for her whole family and make sure everyone is well fed, and that this meridian really care that all others have enough energy to function properly and in harmony with each other; When this does not happen, the Spleen mobilizes the entire energy system to resolve the situation. Therefore it is important that this channel is maintained in good condition.

The Meridiano Heart is the shortest, the arm runs from the center of the armpit to the little finger on the radial side, and governs the heart, as the body and as energy center, besides the blood circulatory system. This is the only meridian that can not be traced backwards (later I will tell you the path of the meridians for cleaning and refilling). For traditional Chinese medicine, it is the house of mind and is related to the brain.

Your state determines how connected we are with our own emotions and feelings; If this meridian carries little energy, you can not miss us inspiration and be fully aware of what we feel, showing coldness or indifference to external stimuli. On the contrary, when this meridian carries too much energy will be emotionally erratic and excessive inventiveness could cause us trouble distinguishing between imagination and reality. Here come the moods and changes.

The Intestine Meridian It begins in the little finger and runs the arm going in zigzag shoulder blade and ending in front of the ear. He governs the small intestine but has a great influence on the entire digestive system, as well as directly affect the soft tissues and lymph and blood transport of nutrients and detoxification of the body. It possesses expressive and communicative functions, so it plays an important role in the expression of creativity.

This meridian absorbs excess energy in the heart and is related to our ability to discern, mental clarity and judgment. The more clogged or damaged is this meridian channels in our system unless we are able to distinguish the different aspects of a situation and have less capacity to make good decisions. This energy channel is also responsible for the stability of our emotions and our ability to stay calm.

The Bladder Meridian It is the longest, runs through the body from the lacrimal, to the top of the head and down his back down the back of the legs to finish on top of the little toe. Governs the bladder, it regulates the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and directly influences the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

This meridian is related to our deepest fears, so in a situation of intense fear or confrontation with a phobia (which is a very deep-seated fear) can be greatly harmed; It is also connected with our doubts and inability to make decisions, as well as issues such as the lack of ethics, jealousy, suspicion and envy when healthy energy does not flow properly for him.

The Kidney meridian center part of the foot, around the ankle bone and up the legs and torso to end just below the central collar bones. Governs the kidneys and sexual organs, so that conveys sexual energy and controls sexual and reproductive functions. It also governs the skeletal system and spine.

Meridian, according to traditional Chinese medicine, contains the essence that connects us to our ancestors and endures in us. The state of this energy channel influences our vital and sexual energy, but also affects our long-term memory, as well as hormonal balance, fertility and health of bones and brain. They are typical of this meridian energies related to the courage and courage, leadership and use of the will (lack of all this if the channel is blocked or lacking in energy).

The Pericardium meridian runs through the arm from the heart area, through the underarm and inside of the arm to the end of the middle finger. It is also called Protector Cardiac because, like physical pericardium is a membrane that protects the heart, this meridian protects the heart meridian negative emotions that can come from other places, such as anger liver, fear of the kidneys or the penalty of the lungs.

As part of its protective work, the pericardium meridian barrier keeps our privacy, regulating what can and can not go outside and what may or may not come from the outside. The energy carried relates to sex-linked amorous feelings, so that links sexual activity with higher emotions.

The Triple Heater Meridian ring finger part and up the arm to the neck, behind the ear around and ends at the temple. It is linked to the hypothalamus and works with the adrenal glands to produce cortisol and adrenaline, as it is responsible for our fight or flight response. Donna Eden identified with the figure of Guerrero, is the meridian responsible for our survival, to identify and destroy the invaders of physical and energy system, and to respond to stress.

The problem in modern times is that we live in a constant state of stress, whether for work, the pace of life and the problems that we constantly have to solve, such as pollution we breathe and that enters our system through breathing and chemical additives we ingest processed foods. All this makes the Triple Heater meridian is in continuous state of alert; When this occurs, it is most of the time, it takes energy from all other meridians (except the heart, since die) to mobilize against the threat of the moment, with the consequent detriment of the balance of the entire canal system. This makes it imperative that we maintain "relaxed" this energetic warrior indicating that all is well, later I will show you how.

The Gallbladder Meridian is one of the longest, runs through the body starting at the corner of the eye, zigzagging through the head and trunk, legs down and ending in the fourth toe (next to small). Governs the gallbladder, considered seat of courage and determination, and works with the lymphatic system to flush toxins from the body (physical, chemical and energy level).

Along with the liver meridian is related to decision making, in this case the short term (while the liver meridian plan medium and long term). The energies that transports also related to anger; remember some expressions that mention the bile fluid secreted in the gallbladder.

The Liver Meridian houses, according to Chinese philosophy, the Hun or spirit, our immortal part. Starts in the big toe (base of the nail) and up the back of the foot and the inside of the leg to the lower abdomen, which draws a curved line to below the chest on the opposite side to where it started . Governs the liver, purifying and detoxifying blood, and regulates the Chi while accumulating energy. Also governs the synergy between the digestive system and the respiratory system.

This meridian is especially sensitive about certain negative emotions like anger, frustration, jealousy and resentment, so we must be careful with these emotions if we want to maintain the health of this channel. The energy carried is associated with the beginnings and influences our creativity and intuition. When we make decisions we work this meridian along with Gallbladder; the gallbladder is responsible for immediate decisions while the liver planning medium and long term.

The Lung Meridian It extends from the inside of the arm starting chest (just below the collarbone) and ending at the base of the thumb nail. It governs not only the lungs but the entire respiratory system, breathing administering and regulating the Chi that enters our body through it.

The energy that controls this meridian is related to both physical and mental and emotional rigidity, so this channel should be maintained in good condition if we want to enjoy greater flexibility in every way. It also handles feelings of loss, so when we lose a loved one is very beneficial to treat this meridian to accept and cope with the loss best.

The Intestine Meridian the index finger and runs along the arm to the shoulder, touches a point to return back to the neck and face to reach the nose. This meridian governs the large intestine and the function of liquid absorption and disposal, in addition to helping pulmonary functions.

The energy of this meridian is related to detachment, to let go of what no longer serves us or hurts us, what is necessary for our development or hurts us as evil thoughts, negative energies of all kinds, harmful feelings ... and It limits the actions of negative energies that come from the past as painful memories or regrets.

The Stomach Meridian runs through the body from head to toe; starting from the cheekbones around the face, down the front torso and legs to finish in the second toe. Governs the stomach and digestive functions, since it is responsible for our nutrition, physical and emotional and intellectual.

Donna Eden calls it the "worrier" (who cares) because when we worry too much this is the meridian that is most affected. This energy channel is also related to building links with social, and its state depends if we have trouble developing relationships and show us introverts or otherwise strong ties and build healthy relationships with ease. This meridian is also responsible for our ability to maintain a realistic view of the environment and our relationship with him.


Ahora que conocéis un poco mejor cada meridiano, os enseñaré a testarlos para saber si están fuertes y llenos de energía o debilitados, obstruidos o con el flujo de energía invertido. También os contaré qué hacer para limpiarlos y sanarlos de manera que podáis mantenerlos en buen estado, además de algunos truquillos para su puesta a punto. Pero todo esto lo veremos en el siguiente artículo

See you soon!