Aural interactions (IV). Light cords

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In previous articles we saw two of the ways in which human beings we interact in the fourth aural level or astral world; one is the induction frequency or interaction across the field and other energy interaction is through bioplasmic flows. In this fourth and final article in the series on aural interactions I'll talk about the strings of light, another element with which we relate to astral energy level.

Light Cords

Light cords are energy lines that connect one with the same chakra someone else, this is a sacred sacrum, solar plexus to solar plexus, heart to heart, etc. This connection takes place on the fourth aural level, which transcends time and space; a string can be created in the present life but also may have created a different life (what we call past life as our linear perception of historical time, but really all lives happen simultaneously) and maintained through various incarnations because it does not disappear when crossing the threshold of transformation that involves death.

The cords connect us closely to the other person, so they have a profound influence on our relationships, whether they are damaged or healthy, clear that if the cord is healthy it will positively influence the relationship while if it is torn, weakened or even tangled, the relationship will suffer. At the same time a dysfunctional relationship will cause damage to the cords that bind these two people, since the influence occurs in both directions.

Types of cords

There are different types of cords depending on who (or what) connect us. Some are Shoelaces soulThat connect us to our own higher self, our essence; These cords also bind us to our guides and home we come from. Other codons keep us connected to that call previous livesor other incarnations of our being; These cords connect us to people with whom we share other lives but we keep them in our energy system. The treatment of these cords can help us remember past or future lives.

There are also genetic strands, We connect to our fathers from all chakras. These cords are tremendously important as they arise at the beginning of life and serve as a pattern for us that we will create later in establishing relationships with others. The first thing that emerges is that unites mother and son from the heart chakra; This connection is established even before conception; after the cord mother created open your heart chakra activates the thymus so that the child is connected (ie, the soul will be his son) and then, only then it is possible conception. They will emerge after all other connections between mother and son and between father and son, so that the child also acts as an energy connection between parents aural level. In the same way we are indirectly connected to our brothers, grandparents, other family, ancestors, and finally the rest of humanity. On these connections you could write more, but in this article we will just say that these strands are loaded with genetic information of all our lineage and for them congenital diseases are also inherited (when problems occur in these energy lines) .

But our parents we are not only united by means of genetic strands, also connect us to them relational cords; since the beginning of our life we ​​establish a relationship with each of our parents, and those relationships are marked by relational cords that bind us, while the status of these strands determines the health of those relationships. When the child matures, the laces do too, and if they start from a healthy, strong and stable state that person establish healthy, strong and stable relationships. Copy the son laces father in his relations with other men, creating similar cords with them, while copies of the mother to establish relationships with other women and strings to generate similar initials.

The relational cords also they established between people who are not our family, friends (or enemies), between lovers, colleagues and acquaintances. We only join others when both parties have allowed it (which does not always happen on a conscious level, it is an agreement on an energy level). When these cords are healthy, have a bright, active, flexible, and through them looking relationships of trust, mutual understanding and freedom are established. However when the cords are not healthy, they appear to extrasensorial vision as dark lines energy off and brittle aspect sometimes thick, viscous and sometimes rigid; These cords establish relationships marked by inflexibility, unhealthy, dependency and usually end up stuck or broken.

In a healthy relationship, laces transmitted between the two people involved vibrant and positive energy, nourish, support and inspire each other, however in the case of an unhealthy relationship, one or both people use the cords that bind them to manipulate, prevent the relationship change, control, maintain a state of inflexibility and absorb the energy of the other. This does not happen from all chakras since, except for intimate relationships, relationships cords are not set from all energy centers; They are often especially given between chakras solar plexus and sometimes between heart chakras.

What energy transports each cord

As each cord connects a particular chakra of our astral body, it is logical that each strand transport energy related to that energy center. Thus, the strands sprouting from our first chakra or RootThey are related to the stability of the relationship and our will to live in the physical body in which we incarnate; this cord not only can be connected to the root chakra of others but can also join the center of the earth and help us feel more rooted, more stable and connected with the physical world, as well as allowing draw earth energy to recharge our system .

The cords that are generated from the second center or chakra SacrumThey are related to our ability to enjoy life in sexual and sensory relationships we have with others. When one of these strands is loose, sometimes it is convenient to connect with our own endocrine system to realign ourselves with our creativity and sense of vital abundance or the inner child, which is related with this energy center.

The cords that leave the third chakra or Solar plexus show clarity in the relationship but are also related to how we care for ourselves and others. When any of these cords is messed up or unhooked (this occurs, for example, when children have not taken good care of us) is sometimes necessary to reintegrate our star core to recover our true identity and meaning and recognize our place in the world, an aspect with which this center is also related.

As for the strings that are generated from the fourth chakra or Heart, Carry the energy of love in all its facets but also reflect the balance between love and goodwill in the relationship. If there is ill will in a relationship, this cord will present damage and prevent us greatly experience unconditional love. When the cord is loose it may be desirable to reconnect with the heart itself or the thymus gland.

The cords that come from the fifth chakra, or center Throat They are particularly important in communication among people who connect as this powerhouse is not only related to communication but with truth; if there lies in the relationship this cord will present a weak or damaged appearance. This affects both the giving and the receiving those truths or lies. The status of these cords are also related to trust in the supreme will of the relationship, this is his transcendental goal.

Laces generated from the sixth center or chakra Pineal They are related to love from a spiritual perspective and show whether people united by these energy lines recognize the beloved as a being of light, an immortal being of vital energy or not. Finally, the seventh chakra cords or Crown reflect our ability to integrate the physical and spiritual world in our relationships. Seventh chakra cords in good condition helps us understand the perfect model of a relationship.

Problems with cords of light

The fact that there are these cords is completely natural, in fact the better it is stronger and brighter relationship are the laces. The problem arises when one or more of these connectors are damaged; a cord may be damaged because of an unhealthy relationship even could have started without being aware of it to avoid connection with that person who harmed us. Unhook the cord, it may be suspended in our energy body or even entangled in the chakra coming out and cause an even bigger problem. Other damage that may occur cords consist of being weakened, torn or blocked in some of its parts.

Dependiendo de cual sea el daño en el cordón la consecuencia para la relación será distinta, sin embargo por lo general un daño en un cordón que parte del chakra Raíz suele derivar en problemas de falta de enraizamiento o de estabilidad, miedo a la vida física o escasa voluntad de vivir, debilidad física o falta de energía. Un cordón del chakra Sacro en mal estado puede dar problemas de todo tipo relacionados con la sexualidad. El daño en los cordones del Plexo Solar suele derivar en problemas de conexión con el entorno y falta de sentido de nuestro lugar en el mundo, falta de propósito. Un chakra corazón con cordones dañados puede reflejarse en la existencia de relaciones de pareja insanas o incapacidad para sentir amor, además de problemas cardiacos. Un cordón del chakra Garganta en mal estado provoca problemas de comunicación y dificulta el cumplimiento del objetivo de la relación, lo que desemboca en dolor, pero puede también ocasionar problemas físicos como hipertiroidismo, desviación del cuello o afecciones pulmonares. Los cordones del chakra Pineal, cuando están dañados, impiden que podamos amar desde una perspectiva espiritual y pueden generar desde dolores de cabeza y confusión hasta problemas en el aprendizaje y esquizofrenia. Finalmente, unos cordones dañados partiendo del chakra Corona suelen desembocar en depresión y trastornos mentales de diversa índole, en la relación reflejan una incapacidad para comprender la perfección en las relaciones, y también pueden provocarnos la sensación de estar atrapados en un cuerpo sin conexión espiritual, ya que el daño en estos cordones dificulta nuestra conexión con las realidades superiores.

So damaging a cord in bad shape the relationship as a poor relation to the corresponding cord, and no matter where it comes from behavior that causes damage, this will be felt in the relationship and thus affect equally to both sides. The cords can be cleaned, repaired, reconnected and heal through different energy healing techniques, including Akashic healingBut we must remember that our best tool for have healthy strands is our own conscience and the will to improve our relations, realize how we are behaving with respect to that person or how they are reacting to the treatment they give us or we are not taking care of a relationship, be aware of how we are damaging our shoelaces and try to improve the situation from a healthy and honest perspective. Remember that in yourselves is the power of your own energy and the key to healing.