Aural interactions (III). The bioplasmic flows

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At previous article series speak of one of the ways in which interact in the fourth aural level, which is the induction of frequencies; We saw how some energy fields affect other during the interaction and how we can protect and strengthen our aura so that we are not so easily influenced energy level. In this article we will see another way in which we share energy during intercourse.

The bioplasmic flows

Another way we interact energy is through the so-called "bioplasma flows". These are energetic emanations that follows our aura and astral field vision perceives as fluid streams of light of different colors. These flows can have different shapes, colors and even textures depending on the type of interaction we are experiencing, thoughts and emotions involved in communication.

When we relate to someone we like and positively, these flows have bright, clear colors, whereas when we interact with someone we dislike or avoid exchanging these flows or they become dark, jagged and sharp-looking or similar to tentacles, depending on the type of emotion that transmit the bioplasma. With "interaction" I am not referring only to cases where there is explicit communication, aural exchanges also occur when a person looks at another even at a considerable distance, although they are openly communicating, in fact these energy emanations can cross the space of many kilometers and reach a person you are thinking intensely ... but that's a topic for another article 😉

When we interact with someone for whom we love, we give pink energy flows like waves that run slowly and smoothly; if there is passion, those pink flows are mixed with fast waves of bright orange. On the other hand, if the emotions are shown violent speared or dark tones arrows, launched from the aural field the person who generates abrupt and irregular flows; if they include hatred, bioplasma it takes a sharp, penetrating form and enter into the field of another person invasively presenting a dark red; However, if the dominant emotion is envy, the flow will look like a viscous, sticky tentacles of a grayish dark green. When a person intends to manipulate another, whether consciously or unconsciously, it emits dense and viscous flows like the tentacles we saw before or hooks which engages desperately field the other person.

Reactions to current bioplasmáticas

The bioplasma emanating from our auric field reacts to interactions basically four different ways: rejection, attraction, interruption or permission. This means that when a stream reaches we can reject, repel, or otherwise attract even more to us, or interrupt the interaction for the bioplasma not come to our field, or allow it to come into our aura without resistance .

When we interact with someone positively and bioplasma flows are healthy, we tend to draw them to us as we make them feel good and exchange is beneficial to both. However, when the energy flow is aggressive or invasive, our reaction changes completely and becomes dependent largely on our energy defense system (We saw in the first article of the series). When using a passive defense tend to let the flows invade our field, we do not feel strong enough to counter them and allow invade us; however when our defense is preferably active we are more inclined to reject, repel or slow down the negative currents coming towards us.

To better manage unwanted currents that we get our energy defense must work. Each defense system is associated with certain needs of the energy field, covering those needs learn to better manage the defense and thus also the influence of bioplasma flows.

Who uses the defense of the withdrawal or call puercoespín, You need to experience their individual essence, divine part within the differentiated individual who is, and surrender to the physical experience of being human, of being in the body that chose for this incarnation. So who uses defense oral suction and the verbal denial, Whose main need to recognize the infinite source of nourishment and know that it is sufficient that the self is sufficient and that life is abundant. Those using hooks and mental subjection in his defense they need to trust others, make mistakes and feel safe despite this, understand and respect the inner essence and the will of others. Which uses tentacles You need to be free to feel and express himself, claiming the divine essence that is within himself not to look outside but inside. Finally, those who use the show of force and those contained within its own limits need to be fully integrated into the life experience, feel your real self and find their own authenticity.

Imbuing objects

These interactions show that we are all connected, unite and separate constantly through these energy exchanges, not only do it with other people but also animals, plants and even objects in our environment. An object can be impregnated with our bioplasma positively or negatively, without realizing we are carrying our own energy and charge that we give depends on the thoughts and feelings we have at that time. Thus stones and crystals are loaded, but knowingly and with intent; The same can be done with an object we want to imbue with some energy to use for a specific purpose.

Then I propose an exercise with which you can load an object with a specific energy for use in situations you need. In this example we will charge the object with self-appreciation, but you can load it with any other energy exercise adapting to your needs.

We chose an object, something to take in one hand and can take with us easily, preferably something we like a lot. Order in our right hand, we put ourselves in a relaxed state (we can use any simple technique to get in tune, you can simply focus on breathing, which will help us better). We load the object with energy self-appreciation; we do it using a visualization in which we are being autonomous and self-sufficient, achieving our goals, we feel valued and safe, no one can convince us that we are less or not worth. We try to experience the feeling, not only visualize, because the feeling is what really throws that energy focused by intention. The object is impregnated with this energy. We can always take it with us when we feel we need that power, that energy self-appreciation, we take the object and we draw from that bioplasma is ours and all that carries positive charge.

The longer the object you will be charged more than your essence and better respond to your energy needs. Occasionally, if you feel it necessary, you can repeat the exercise and reload it (if you want to load it with a different clean energy before and remember, once neutral, Lay up in him the new intention). You can use it for everything you can think of; fill value to help them cope with a difficult situation, or confidence, positivity if you tend to usually see the glass half empty, independence, communication skills, empathy and equanimity. You choose.


In the next article in the series on aural interactions I will speak of light cordsWe'll see what they are, how we connect with others and how we can determine if a cord is damaged or is healthy.