Auric level: the seven layers of the aura (II)

In the first part of the article on auric levels we saw in detail the first three layers of the aura, the lower levels associated to aspects of the physical life, and the fourth layer or astral body, which works as a "bridge" between the lower levels and the higher ones. I will tell you now a little more about the bodies of the elevated levels.

Higher levels of the aura
The Ethereal pattern

The fifth level is the Ethereal pattern. It extends from the physical body to about 45 - 60 cm and it looks like a negative space; it contains the template of everything that exists at the level of the etheric layer which is itself a template for the physical, so this level is seen as a cobalt blue background filled with transparent or translucent lines that draw the original forms.

This is the level of divine will and therefore also contains the evolutionary model and the universal plan; if this layer is healthy, we are aligned with God's will and thus with our life mission, if not, we will feel out of place, as if we were not connected with our environment and did not fit in the global puzzle.

The Celestial body

The sixth layer of the aura is called Celestial body. This auric layer is seen though enhanced perception from the physical body to about 60-83 cm as the kind of brightness surrounding a candle in gold and silver tones mixed with rays of stronger light of different colors in soft opalescent tones. This light has a very high frequency as it vibrates at the level of divine love. The celestial body contains the feelings within the spirit world, the highest ones, and when the sixth chakra (related to this body) and heart join, both open, we feel true unconditional love.

The lack of spiritual food can obscure the brightness of celestial body and even damage it, but an excessive force at this level is also detrimental, ie using the spiritual experience to avoid physical reality. Remember that the physical world exists within the spiritual, not outside it, and that health is in the middle, not at the ends.

The Ketheric pattern

Finally we have the seventh layer of the aura or Ketheric pattern, also known as Causal body. This layer extends approximately 75-105 cm from the physical body and includes all other layers, keeping the whole aura cohesive and protected; the causal body is like a grid of thin gold wires of energy in silver color with a thicker outer edge which protects us from energy leaks as well as from external influences.

This is the mental level of the spiritual plane, so through this body we are able to understand the great model of life that comes from the divine mind and know our perfection within our imperfections. The lack of health in the Ketheric pattern makes the lines that weave the web or "auric egg" look faint, weak, they can even crack in some parts, causing energy leaks and other problems.

Health at the auric level

To maintain the health in the field is necessary to care for all levels and nurture them in different ways, as they are all related and they are all part of us. A healthy and fulfilling life in every way passes through clean, load and balance the seven auric levels, which is equivalent to taking responsibility for all areas of our life experience.

If one of the bodies is weak or has problems of any kind, it will be more difficult for us to have a full experience in that area, or it will be shown as obstacles and disadvantages in the affected field. Therefore checking and cleaning the auric field is always convenient, but we ourselves are the ones who must work to keep it healthy by meeting the needs of each level.

Aura needs

The Etheric body responds to purely physical needs, the main need for this level is to feel at ease, enjoyment of the senses charges this body. In order to heal and nourish Emotional body we need to accept and love ourselves, so it may be useful to make a list of the ways in which we reject ourselves and replace them with positive feelings. At the third level or Mental body the basic need is to understand our situation clearly and rationally, but we also heal it by finding and removing negative judgments about ourselves. The fourth level is about the relations with others, so interact positively with family and friends is the best way to meet the needs of Astral body.

As we move to the upper layers, the needs become logically more transcendental. The Ethereal pattern is charged by aligning ourselves with our truth and by expressing it; words have great power and creative energy, we can use them to heal this level. To the sixth level or Celestial body we access by expressing the truth of our needs and satisfying them, this is how this body is automatically charged, and finally the Causal bodyheals by finding the purpose of the soul and understanding the perfect universal model, realizing that everything is perfect even with its imperfections.

Covering the needs of each layer of the aura is as important or even more than meeting the needs of the physical body, the latter we are used to and it seems logical and necessary, but keeping the health of the auric field will not only determine the welfare of a part of us but each and every one of the areas of our lives.