aural interactions (I) The defense system

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At fourth level of the auric fieldWhich is the astral level, it is possible to see how we interact with others energetically; while in the emotional body are the feelings and emotions we experience for ourselves, the astral body is formed by the feelings and emotions we experience to others, so it is the energy of all our relationships, not only with others but also with animals and plants, the earth, the stars and even everyday objects.

At this level we see, with extended perception, the different ways in which we interact with our peers and with the environment. These forms are mainly three: the induction of frequencies, bioplasmic flows and light cords. These three forms tend to be confusing when it contemplates together, so I will devote an article to each, they'll see how it operates in each of these levels of interaction so that you can recognize your own energy behavior and tell you how you can manage each kind of energy exchange in your own relationships.

How we relate energy is closely related to what is called the energy defense system; while the three forms of interaction that I mentioned above may be positively or negatively, when the defense system interaction is usually not harmonious and healthy is activated. Under stress (for the energy body that term can encompass many different types of situations and different levels, more than mentally mean by "stress") our astral body or fourth level of the aura reacts as the defense system, and this reaction largely determines our aural interactions.

Since the defense system affects one way or another to other energy exchanges, we will devote this first article in the series on this topic, so I'll explain below in more detail.

Defense systems

The defense system is because we use our energy reaction to an external force that normally perceive as a threat at different levels. This system develops in the early years of life as we have experienced interactions primarily with parents. There are active and passive forms of defense, active and passive are offensive tend to protect or allow the "invasion", but ultimately all aim to defend our energy at all costs.

A sharp defense

One of the defense systems is what we call (using the terminology of Barbara Ann Brennan) "Porcupine"; when we use this defense becomes our aura prickly, sharp, and someone with sufficient sensitivity it may seem that aura really click. We can realize that someone is using this defense because they appear as susceptible people, "sharp" they cause others estrangement.

The retreat

The system of "withdrawal" is that part of the aura of the person temporarily leaves the body (in this case for seconds or hours, but there is a variant that this absence can last for days or years); people who use the withdrawal not like physical contact because they actually fear the damage, making it difficult to connect. They can be recognized because they often put his eyes.

Defense of denial

The defense of "verbal negative" is typical of people with a lot of energy in the head and little in the lower body, the expanded vision reveals a high concentration of yellow around the head and blockages in the neck area . They are distinguished by being verbally active.

Energy absorption

Another defense system is called "oral suction" which is to absorb the energy of others; who use this defense can not handle well the energy that exists around and take it from others, so that people avoid them because they cause fatigue in those who interact with them. They are distinguished by their grueling verbiage, by constantly flitting among the people around them and often appear powerless to get others to care for them (and so they deliver energy).

Hook and retention

The "hooks" are energetic instruments used by some people in your defense system, throw it over your head when they feel threatened and retain their interlocutor until subsides; These individuals struggle to show that they reason and his struggle only get reciprocal aggression.


The "tentacles" are used as a defense system to capture energy from others; the person using this system remains away from the rest in silent attitude, self-enclosed, until others come forward to help and when it launches the tentacles into the energy field who ignore him. They are often recognized because they try to accomplices and when they speak, made long pauses in his speech waiting for someone to complete his sentence.

An explosive defense

The defense system "hysteric" is hitting the auras of people who are close by rays and energetic explosions. People who use this defense are perceived at the time as angry, explosive, chaotic, and cause a general stampede as no one wants to be close when they explode.

The Untouchables

Another defense system is called "retention own limits" is to strengthen the aural engrosándolos own limits so no one can get into your aura, to remain untouchable. This type of defense is perceived as superior distance and causes others trouble connecting.

Show of force

Finally we can mention the system of "show of force", according to which the person using it explodes up and clears his aura so that seems pujarse or increase in size, getting an attitude of ''m in charge here "also provokes and frightens away people nearby.

How to handle each defense system

Each type of defense is associated with a certain fear because we defend ourselves when we are attacked or threatened and we feel like when something arouses our fear. It is therefore important to note that when we detect that a person is using a defense system that we recognize, let us remember that it does not for our sake but to defend what feels like a threat and we wonder what triggered fear of that person.

Other energy defense

To manage defense systems like the porcupine and the withdrawal (in two versions), both based on a fear of damage, it is best not to get too close to them or touch them, but be cordial and let them see that we will not them hurt, they are sure talking to us. Upconverting to interact with them is important because it will catch and will feel safer, porcupine quills and hide the withdrawal will stay in the body.

People who use negative verbal and oral suction maintained a pattern of deficiency resulting from their fear of not having enough, this leads them to absorb energy when they feel threatened. it is best not placed directly in front of them to prevent them from connecting to our Solar Plexus chakra to take power, avoid direct eye contact and send energy voluntarily through our palmochakras to his solar plexus.

For those who use hooks as a defense everything is a battle, they are constantly fighting and do not trust anyone because guard down means being betrayed. To interact positively with them is best not to argue with them, avoid confrontation and listen to them, they feel they can trust us, we're not there to fight but to cooperate. This also serves to handle the hysterical defense.

Finally, to deal with people who use defenses retention within the limits and the display of force is best placed close (not to be afraid that we take away energy as they themselves have too much and they will not ) in an attitude of loving acceptance. Their fear is based on the lack of authenticity, so we can try to see its essence, its true hidden when dealing with them.

Manage our own defense system

And what happens when we realize that the person using the hooks, or tentacles, or exploiting or withdrawing from your own body ourselves? We all use one or more of the forms of defense mentioned, sometimes even combine them, because we all have fears that lead us to try to protect us.

The good news is that we are not slaves of our energy reaction is not something that can just happen without help. Besides working on our fears, we have the ability to become aware of what we are experiencing and handle it in the most profitable way for us and for our energy health.

If we realize that we use barbed or we escaped the body, keep in mind that we are sure that nobody is going to hurt. We will be good to focus on the present moment and being in the body, present, knowing that there is always a divine part within us that makes us indestructible.

If we use the verbal refusal or oral suction, we will be especially useful to root, connect with the energy of the earth and know that we can supply us with that energy, we need not remove it from other people, think in terms of abundance and bear in mind that and we have enough.

If we discover that we are using the pig to defend ourselves, we must trust and stop control everything, keep in mind that not everything has to be a constant struggle and we do not have to prove anything.

If we find that we have been using the tentacles well we will reconsider our abilities, discover that we can do things alone, we can be self-sufficient. We also do well to note that not everyone wants to control us or invade us, we are free to live our lives as we like and we can always create a private space to sit with ourselves and just be.

If our defense is to keep us within our own limits or exhibit a show of force, the best way to deal with our energy defense it is to find our essence, discover our own authenticity, beneath the facade we offer to world.


Vista la parte más “truculenta” de las interacciones energéticas, en el próximo artículo hablaremos de la inducción de frecuencias y de cómo el campo aural de unas personas es capaz de influir en el de otras, de qué depende esta influencia y cómo podemos fortalecer nuestro propio campo energético.