Nivel aural: las siete capas del aura (I)

In previous articles I have talked about the two deeper levels in which we human beings exist: the Star corewhich is the divine spark, the essence of what we truly are, and the Hara Linewhich as I told you contains our purpose in life and keeps us connected with divinity and the Higher Self as well as the Earth's core and its energy.

In this article about the levels of being (that will be published in two parts) I will speak of the level that is between the physical and the two mentioned above: the auric level.

The aura is a structure that exists on a deeper level than the physical and sustains it, this means that everything that exists in the physical world was created before in the auric level. As haric level contains the life mission and the intention, and the Star core contains our essence, the aura contains the energies of our personality; all that we notice, feel, think, how we behave, our patterns and how we relate... everything is contained in the auric level, and every aspect occupies a specific region of the aura according to its vibration. Let's see in detail what those areas are.

Composition of the aura

The aura is built in seven layers, each of them has a different vibrational frequency and therefore is dedicated to a different kind of life experience. Each layer is associated with one of the seven major chakras; all these centers are found at all levels of the aura but each layer has a special connection with one of the chakras as their vibrational frequency is the same.

Of these seven layers, the first three are the lower levels where we process the energies of the physical world, the last three are the higher levels where we experience spiritual realities, and the fourth layer is an intermediate level, kind of bridge between the two levels; the heart chakra is the "transformer" of energies in its passage from the upper to the lower levels and vice versa.

In this article I will speak in more detail on the lower levels and the fourth layer; in the following article (aural level II) I'll tell you more about the higher levels and how we can meet the needs of each auric layers to keep the whole system healthy.

El Cuerpo Etérico

The first layer, closest to the physical body, is called Etheric body. This level is an energy cover that works as a mold for the physical body, it creates and sustains the corporate matter. The enhance perception shows it as a blue to grayish light (depending on the health of the energy) of filaments in constant motion, which extend from the physical body to about 1.25 - 5 cm beyond it.

At this level we experience pleasure and pain coming to us from the senses, but also the feelings of vitality, sex, sleep (or lack of it) and physical activity. The etheric body draws energy from outside (the sun and the earth), accumulates it and, through the chakras and the system of canals, leads it to the physical body in an uninterrupted flow of life. Since this is a natural energy protection for the body, when there is a blockage in it the problem quickly passes to the physical level in the form of pain, discomfort or illness.

El Cuerpo Emocional

The second layer is the Emotional body. This level extends from the physical body to about 2.5 - 7.5 cm and it is formed by clouds of fluid substance in constant motion; these clouds are feelings and emotions we have about ourselves. Positive feelings are displayed in vivid colors while negative are like clouds in darker shades, dirty even if those feelings are confusing.

Emotions and feelings towards ourselves, both positive and negative, must flow and circulate (which we achieve by recognizing, accepting and expressing them) otherwise the energy flow is interrupted, it stagnates and causes problems in the nearby layers, ie in the etheric body and the mental body.

El Cuerpo Mental

So this is the next level, the third layer of the aura or Mental body. It extends from the physical body to about 7.5 - 60 cm in the form of bright light, it can be seen as thin energy lines of a lemon yellow color. The mental body contains, as its name suggests, our mental energy, thoughts, ideas and mental processes; the forms of thinking can be seen with enhanced perception as spots with brightness and varying contours depending on the degree of clarity of the idea and the quality of the thought. Negative thoughts slow down the vibration of this layer and make power lines become dark and distorted.

El Cuerpo Astral

The fourth auric layer corresponds to the named Astral body. This layer is formed by the feelings we experience about others, so it is the energy of all our relations (with not only other people but also animals and plants, objects, stars, etc). The astral body extends from the physical body about 15 to 30 cm and is perceived as liquid streams of different colors; when the energy has a low frequency the "liquid" is dense and dark, when high frequency (positive feelings) is fluid with bright colors.

At this level we can see with enhanced perception, energy currents flowing between people when they interact as well as auric cords (of which we will talk in detail in a future post) but also blockages involving creatures who live on the astral plane, different kinds of entities and energy parasites.


At siguiente artículo terminaremos de ver los detalles sobre los niveles superiores del aura y os pasaré unos consejos para satisfacer las necesidades de cada capa del aura.