Aural interactions (II) Induction frequency

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At previous article I introduced the concept of aural interactions energetically talking about how we affect each other through the auric field, bioplasma flows and light cords; all can be perceived through the enlarged view of astral level (fourth layer aura). We saw how the defense system we use protects us from the interactions that we identified (from fear) as energetically dangerous for us and we learned to handle these interactions both our defense system and from the opposite position. In this article we will see how we affect each other at the level of the auric field or how a dominant frequency from one field to another is induced.

Frequency induction

This form of interaction energy is mainly based on two aspects: the strength of the aural field speed and vibrational frequency. Explained both concepts. The field strength will be greater the more energy is charged that field; when we blockages in the aura, we outflows or hooks that make our energy level decreases, our auric field appears weak and vulnerable, whereas if we have a healthy and vibrant aura, we serve our energy needs in each layer and regularly carry positive energy, our country has a strong and resistant to external influences state.

Moreover, the vibrational frequency rate is the level of vibration of our energy body; some fields vibrate more slowly and more quickly, to put it in a simplified manner. Everything actually has a certain vibrational frequency and the human aura is no exception. The induction frequency is that the person who possesses the strongest field causes the person who has the weakest field suits their vibrational frequency; If the fort has a high frequency (vibrates faster) than the other will accelerate its vibration, whereas if you have a low frequency (vibrates so slowly) will cause another slow vibration.

Instant sympathy or antipathy

Who has not passed him without just meet someone, you really like or really bad instantly? Often this is related to the field of that person compared to ours and how we influence the field or is influenced by our energy. The interaction of the fields depends largely on the energy exchange is favorable or a complete disaster.

In our interactions tend to adapt our vibration as explained above, when this occurs harmoniously the relationship develops smoothly, the fields are mixed to some extent and are complemented nicely; this interaction is recorded as pleasurable, positive and fruitful. When our aura touches a person with a high frequency vibration we feel good because we raise our own frequency, and when that influence our field and we his, an energy exchange that we feel a true communion with the soul is given, positive communication.

On the other hand, the higher the vibrational difference between the two camps more difficult communication between two people becomes. Thus, when the vibrational difference is excessive and adaptation is not possible or the influence of a field on another is too aggressive or forced, a clash of auric fields occurs and both persons are practically impossible to communicate; this can be recorded even as revulsion, disgust or fear in one or both of the parties involved.

Protection and strengthening of the field

We are not always at our best as energy is concerned, sometimes the circumstances of our daily weaken our field and make it much more influenced by contact with others laden fields. This does not mean that we are helpless in such situations and we have to be influenced by any stronger than our field, we can choose to protect or strengthen our aura so that we are not so at the mercy of other people's frequencies.

Being aware of this phenomenon is already important and helpful, but when it comes to protect us from unwanted influence on our energy interactions, we can use a barrier method to prevent the other camp into ours; visualize a wall between the other person and us, or we imagine in a cloud that protects us, we put a shield of light or we become a mirror, we become impervious, impenetrable. We should note, however, that if we do this we are protecting our country, yes, but we will also be hindering a real connection with that person and real and effective communication will be much more difficult.

Another way to avoid unwanted influences or constant invasion is to strengthen our own camp, which is always recommended regardless of the situation and interactions that expose ourselves. Then we pointed several methods you can use to load your auric field:

Field exposure to atmospheric phenomena

Some auras are better sun exposure charge, others in the rain or snow, and others in the moments before the storms or during them. Discover what better load your field and exponeos this phenomenon. When our aura is loaded we feel very well, recovered, refurbished, more positive and more energetic; that feeling will help us better know what to use to load our field. The wind is always very good cleaner aura is very beneficial to expose him occasionally while we visualize and feel how clean substances of low frequency.

Water use

Water is always a fantastic cleaner energy, but the seawater is even more beneficial for our auric field; if you have the opportunity to go to the beach on a clear, work at it day, there you will have sun to charge the field, steeped in sea water to clean and load also wind, and if you do you urge to get wet you you can dip into a spectacularly beneficial bath for your aura.

Gift of nature

Enjoy some time in the middle of nature helps carry our energy field and strengthen it; some auras benefit more in the forests, others in the mountains, near rivers, in gardens or even deserts ... if we think natural environment which we feel more comfortable discover what is most beneficial to our aura stage. Averiguadlo and pass the time that you can in that environment, your aura will thank you.

Using meditation

We can also use meditation to load our field. For example, we can visualize how breathing universal energy field around us is entering our system and is carrying all the layers of our aura. There are as many views as you may be able to imagine, try several and elegid which will be more restorative.

The breath itself is beneficial to the field when properly performed and is something we always have at our disposal, we can use a healing breathing technique to load the field at any time and place. You can see more about this in the following article: Using your breath to heal.


In the next article in the series on aural interactions I'll talk about how we connect through energy currents in the auric field, we see how they work called bioplasma flows and what we need to cover the field needs to better manage its influence.