Akashic records

What are they

The Akashic Records, also called Libraries Etheric or libraries Horizonte, are a vast intelligent energy field and self-conscious created by the energy of the Source and collecting so multidimensional, energy information of all activities, motivations, intentions, thoughts and feelings of all beings endowed with consciousness at all possible times (past, present and future) at all levels and possible planes of existence of our reality both physically and subtle worlds and higher planes.

Each of us also has its own Akashic Record; is a "file" where you will find all the information of our soul from the moment it was created; all our experiences, what we have learned in our evolution through different lives in which we incarnate, are stored in our Akashic Record. When performing reading this source consulted; through this record we can access information about our past, present and future to understand more about ourselves and become aware of those blockages that are hindering our evolution.

How to access

A Akashic Records are accessed through our higher self, the part of ourselves that is not embodied, which is located on the higher planes and manages the different incarnations in which we embarked to complete the lessons we we propose learning in the physical world.

Reading is carried out by means of channeling that entity which is our Higher Self; once connected energy we can access information records and "download" to help us understand the lessons we are to learn and help us advance our learning path as souls. All channeled information is permitted by our Higher Self, that is, we can only access what immortal our part (and wiser) and we know that we know.


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