About Me

Information Science degree. Writer, researcher in metaphysical topics, energy healer and publisher of matters related to spirituality and personal growth.

My inner research began decades ago guided by a desire for self-knowledge. As a researcher of all that affects humans energetically and driven by an innate curiosity about the subtle worlds, over the years I have been interested in various metaphysical subjects, alternative therapies and personal development.

What initially led to a widening of horizons and knowledge for my own personal development, it turned into a way of learning how to use energies and to heal, not only to myself but also to others, helping them in their spiritual development through what I had been learning.


I began to channel more than ten years ago formarme in Akashic Records and energy healing by crystals, techniques Feng Shui, Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupresssure, conscious creation of reality and Akashic healing following the methods of BA Brennan, D. Topi and energy medicine Donna Eden, among others. Uniting the knowledge I have gained my experience both healing and energy management and personal growth, put at your disposal the knowledge that now I have through the new broadcasting platformMerkaba, hoping to help you thrive in this exciting adventure we call life.

Eva Lara