About Me

Information Science degree. Writer, researcher in metaphysical topics, energy healer and publisher of matters related to spirituality and personal growth.

My inner research began decades ago guided by a desire for self-knowledge. As a researcher of all that affects humans energetically and driven by an innate curiosity about the subtle worlds, over the years I have been interested in various metaphysical subjects, alternative therapies and personal development.

What initially led to a widening of horizons and knowledge for my own personal development, it turned into a way of learning how to use energies and to heal, not only to myself but also to others, helping them in their spiritual development through what I had been learning.


Empecé a canalizar hace más de diez años y a formarme en Registros Akáshicos y sanación energética por medio de cristales, en técnicas de Feng Shui, Jin Shin Jyutsu y digitopuntura, creación consciente de la realidad y sanación akáshica siguiendo los métodos de B.A. Brennan, D. Topí y la medicina energética de Donna Eden, entre otros. Uniendo los conocimientos que he ido adquiriendo a mis experiencias tanto de sanación como del manejo de energías y crecimiento personal, pongo a vuestra disposición los conocimientos de que ahora dispongo a través de la nueva plataforma de difusión de Merkaba, hoping to help you thrive in this exciting adventure we call life.

Eva Lara