Improve your energy health with akashic healing

What it gives you Merkaba Healing Akáshika

The information that can be extracted from our Akashic Records (What are they?) is very varied and you can use it in many ways. These are some of the practical applications of the akashic readings that Merkaba can do for you:

The readings from the Akashic Records Merkaba Healing Akáshika (MSA) offers a way to become aware of the blockages that exist in your energy body, with a detailed explanation so that you understand what they are and why you have them. Healing is only part of the process, it is important to understand what they mean those blocks and how they affect you; is aware of them part of the final healing, making reading something partially active rather than a passive healing completely.

This is a personalized service, because each person is different and unique, a small universe within their particular energy universe, distance, because it is convenient for everyone and anyone can apply from anywhere without having to travel without having to be in a particular place at a precise time or spend more time than it takes to request reading by email.